GPAC is here for You

As a blank check company with over $155 million in cash to deploy in a merger,

GPAC is primed to help your company achieve its goals

Who is GPAC?

We are experienced investors, executives and advisors who have:

  • a long, successful history of working in partnership with companies to address challenges and seize opportunities, and
  • a compelling track record of growing companies and creating value.
Merging with GPAC can provide a company with access to supportive, value-added partner in terms of our experience in:

  • taking companies public and navigating the public market post-IPO
  • corporate development, M&A and financial expertise
  • operational consulting
  • international markets.

Members of our team have experience across multiple industries, including Consumer/Retail, Financial Services, Industrial, Media and Technology.

For more information on us, please visit the Team page

How GPAC Works With You?

  • Completed its IPO in July 2015,
  • Has $155 million of cash held in trust and access to additional debt and equity capital as needed
  • Is seeking to deploy our capital by merging with a company with an enterprise value between $150 million and $1 billion+.
A merger with us could:
  • Allow owners to monetize a meaningful portion of their current stake, while also maintaining upside through the post-merger public stock
  • Allow the company access to capital for growth and/or reduction of debt
  • Create a currency for acquisitions by the company
  • Enable the merger of two companies into GPAC
  • Provide flexibility for structuring management incentive plans