Is GPAC a good fit for your company? We can bring our capital and experience to help provide a solution for a broad range of companies and situations. Additionally, we are focused on a transaction with a company that fits within the following parameters:

Our Criteria
Enterprise value $150 million to $1.0 billion +
Geography US or international
Current equity ownership type Private companies and spin-outs from public companies
Target industries Consumer/Retail, Financial Services, Industrial, Media and Technology
Use of proceeds for the merger partner company, from GPAC’s $155 million of cash and its ability to raise capital in the public markets
  • Organic growth
  • Strategic acquisitions
  • Pay down existing debt
  • Geographic expansion
Retained ownership for current shareholders Focus on partnering with a target business combination company
whose existing owners want to retain significant equity upside in the
business, typically between 20-80%, and which could include
control of the public company post-merger
Cash consideration for current shareholders Flexibility to work with the current shareholders of the
target merger partner to provide them with cash
consideration from 20-80% of their enterprise value
Forms of consideration for current shareholders Primarily cash and the public stock of combined
companies; however, GPAC can also issue preferred
shares and/or debt as part of the consideration
Public company considerations
  • Audited financial statements
  • Ability to communicate the company’s fundamental investment story to the public markets
  • Prior experience in taking a company public or running a public company is not required; the GPAC team can bring their experience